Static Industrial Microwave Vacuum Drying Machine Equipment

The Industrial Microwave Vacuum Drying Machine is used for low-temperature drying of heat sensitive medicine materials as part of preparation of materials, it can also be used as vacuum concentration equipment.

Static Industrial Microwave Vacuum Drying Machine Equipment

Description of Vacuum Drying Machine Equipment

Drying speed of Microwave Vacuum Drying Machine is very quick and it can improve the quality of products dramatically, it characterizes high efficiency, even heating, easy to control, and convenient installation and maintenance. It is mainly applied to the drying, heating sterilization and ripening of medicines, biological products, agricultural products and by-product.

Features of Vacuum Drying Machine

  • Certain products are highly thermo-sensitive because of their special characteristics. Drying at high temperatures is necessary to evaporate the solvent from the mixture, it would spoil the original characteristics of the product and would not be valid for the designed application. Using a vacuum dryer, under the condition of vacuum, the boiling point of raw material will decrease and make the evaporation efficiency higher. Therefore, for a certain amount of heat transfer, the conducting area of dryer can be saved.

  • The heat source for evaporation may be low pressure steam or surplus heat steam. The heat loss is less.

  • Before drying, the treatment of disinfection may be carried out. During the period of drying, there is no impurity material mixed. It conforms to the requirements of GMP.

  • It belongs to a category of static dryer. The shape of raw material to be dried is retained.

Applications of Vacuum Drying Machine

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Capacity of Each Batch 25kg 60kg 120kg 240kg 360kg 480kg
Power of Fan 0.45kW 0.45kW 0.45kW 0.9kW 1.35kW 1.8kW
Consumption of Steam 5kg/h 10kg/h 18kg/h 36kg/h   54kg/h 72kg/h
Total Power 9kW/h 9kW/h 15kW/h 30kW/h 45kW/h 60kW/h
Thermal Area 5 10 20 40 80 100m²
Air Volume 3450m³/h 3450/h 3450/h 6900/h 10350/h 13800/h
Temperature Used ±2°C ±2°C ±2°C ±2°C ±2°C ±2°C
Quantity of Trays (pcs) 16 24 48 96 144 192
The Size of Tray (mm) 460x640x45 mm
Outside Dimension (mm) 1850x1000x2044 1700x1200x2000 2600x1200x2000 2600x2200x2000 3600x2200x2000 4760x2200x2290
Inside Dimension (mm) 1050x800x1500 900x1000x1500 1800x1000x1500 1800x2000x1500 2700x2000x1500 3600x2000x1500
Baking Vehicles 0 1 2 4 6 8

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