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Industrial Reverse Osmosis System for Water Treatment SED-FST

The Industrial ro water system is an equipment to purify water with the action of pressure difference of semi permeable membrane.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis System for Water Treatment SED-FST

Introduction of Reverse Osmosis Water System

The SED-FST reverse osmosis (RO) water system is an equipment to purify water with the action of pressure difference of semi permeable membrane. RO membranes can effectively remove majority of organics, harmful substances, bacteria, particulates etc in the raw water.


RO water system is widely used in water treatment, purification for tap water, well water, underground water, borehole salty water, brackish water and seawater, pure water and ultra-pure water production of power stations, electronic industry, medical industry and so on.


Industrial ro water system is capable of removing particles, colloids, organic impurities, heavy metal ions, bacteria, virus, heat source etc. harmful substances and 99% dissolved salts.


Working Processes of Reverse Osmosis Water System

(Water softener,dosing system,ozone generator or UV can be added according to the needs. It depends on the quality of raw water )

raw water→raw water tank→raw water pump→sand filter+ carbon filter→ security filter→high pressure pump→reverse osmosis system→ water supply points


Applications of Reverse Osmosis Water System

  • Electronic industry: pre-filter for ultra pure water, chemical products and pure water

  • Food and beverage industry: filter for mineral water, wines, fruit juice, bottled drinking water and so on

  • Medicine industry: filter for drug liquid

  • Chemical industry: filter for organic solvent

  • Petroleum industry: filter for oil-field flooding

 Applications of RO water system.jpg

Features of Reverse Osmosis Water System

  • The reverse osmosis filter system is small in size, large in production

  • Comply with WHO drinking water standards

  • Easy to install and maintain

  • One-button start, fully automatic and more efficient

  • All-in-one design, saving transportation and construction cost

  • Automatic backwashing system for media filter

  • Produce water continuously, PLC program controlled

  • Automatic stop when the water tank without water or pure water tank is full

  • Water quality is continuously monitored by conductivity meter


What Is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis(RO) removes contaminants from unfiltered water, or feed water, when pressure forces it through a semipermeable membrane. Water flows from the more concentrated side (more contaminants) of the RO membrane to the less concentrated side (fewer contaminants) to provide clean drinking water. The fresh water produced is called the permeate. The concentrated water left over is called the waste or brine.

Raw water/
Bottled Water,
Bag water
City Tap Water Brackish Water Sea Water
TDS Range 2-10ppm 100-1000ppm 2000-20000ppm 20000-40000ppm
Direct Drinking Yes Yes/No No No
Cooking, Human
Consumption, Washing
Yes Yes No No
Irrigation, Industry,
Animal Drinking
Yes Yes No No

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