SED-YX Rotary Capping Machine with Cap Loader

SED-YX series rotary capping machine can select the capping system according to the bottle cap and bottle style. The constant torque capping head ensures that the capping head stops rotating after the cap meets the tightness requirements. It is suitable for products with high tightness requirements. The machine is suitable for pharmacecutical, food, cosmetic and other industries.

SED-YX Rotary Capping Machine with Cap Loader

Features of Rotary Capping Machine

  • PLC controlled, clear and understandable display on the touch screen

  • Capping system can be selected according to the cap and bottle design

  • Photoelectric sensor detection, the machine will stop when bottle shortage or bottle blockage, and will automatically running after recovery

  • Made of stainless steel 304, which meets the requirements of GMP standard

  • The embedded buckle structure is adopted, which is easy to disassemble, cleaning and easy to be used and maintenance

  • Frequency control of the whole machine

  • The equipment can be used independently or connected with other equipment, such as counting machine and sealing machine

Advantages of Automatic Rotary Capping Machine

  • Constant torque capping head ensures that the head stops rotating after the caps meets the tightness requirements, which is suitable for products with high tightness requirements (can be replaced with pressing cap system)

  • The capping head can be replaced to meet the requirements of different bottle caps.

  • The structure is fastened and all parts such as electrical control are sealed to avoid materials affecting the service life of electrical components

  • During normal production, there is no need for special personnel to take care of the machine, and various automatic protection devices are equipped.

  • Detection system of cap defective and no aluminum foil can be equipped (optional)

SED-YX 1.png



Bottle Diameter (mm)


Bottle Height (mm) 40-180

Capacity (bottles/min)


Power (kW)


Power Supply


Overall Dimensions (L*W*H mm)


Weight (kg)



plastic round bottle

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