Automatic Tablet Sugar Coating Machine in Pharmaceutical

Automatic tablet coating machine is a machine that coats the outer surface of tablets with a thin layer of coating material such as sugar coating, powder coating, chocolate coating.

Automatic Tablet Sugar Coating Machine in Pharmaceutical

Introduction of Tablet Coating Machine

Automatic tablet coating machine is a machine that coats the outer surface of tablets with a thin layer of coating material. Widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, and other industries.

Sugar coating machine can be connected with pill making machine to form a complete pharmaceutical pill making line.

Can be connected with elevating tablet deduster to remove the dust during coating.

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The Advantages of Tablet Coating Machine

Are you still struggling with these pill sized product issues?

- Pills are not round or have poor shape

- Pills have poor colour and are not attractive

- Pill product is too bitter, hard to swallow

- Pills are not easy to get dried

Sugar coating machine can help you with these issues.

- Cover the taste, odor, bad color of the tablet

- Provide physical and chemical protection

- Make pills fully died

- Minimize the unpleasant taste

- Provide good appearance

- Make surface smoother

- Make pills easier to swallow

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How Does Sugar Coating Machine Work?

The working principle of tablet coating machine is simple:

The sugar coating machine implements coating by rotating the pan clockwise. When working, the tablets (or chocolate, nuts, etc ) are flipped, rubbed, and ground under the action of the coating pan. Then, pour the sugar powder by hand, so that the powder is evenly distributed on all the tablets. At the same time, under negative pressure, the gas distribution pipe will introduce hot air, which heats the sugar-coated powder, so that the medium coating sprayed on the surface of the plain tablet can be quickly and uniformly dried, thereby forming a firm, dense and smooth layer on the surface of the tablet. 

Applications of Sugar Coating Machine

Sugar coating machine is widely used to color, coat, and dry pills, tablets, candies, chocolates, etc. Widely used in pharmaceutical, food, health products, feed, chemicals, plastics, and other industries.

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Features of Sugar Coating Machine

  • The machine is made of food grade stainless steel, clean and hygienic

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Meets GMP requirements

  • Adopt external heating device, make the temperature even, so that the coating is smoother

  • Wide range of applications

  • Reasonable design, flexible programming

  • Thermal adjustment range is from 30-110℃

  • Transmission steady, performance reliable

  • Coloring, polishing, drying - 3 in 1

  • Individual adjustment switch

  • The air outlet pipe extends into the pan to dry the product



Dia. of Pan (mm)


Rotary Speed of Pan (r/min)


Power of Fan (kW)


Power of Heat (kW)


Production Capacity (kg/time)


Motor (kW)


Overall Size (mm)


Net Weight (kg)


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