SED-600ZP Industrial Turntable Unscrambler for Plastic Bottle

Stainless steel scrambler & unscrambler, which is also called turntable. Bottle turn table is used for shifting of containers from one place to another for filling and packaging purposes.

SED-600ZP Industrial Turntable Unscrambler for Plastic Bottle

Description of SED-600ZP Industrial Plastic Bottle Unscrambler Turntable

Turntable is generally used for transfer of various types of vials, bottles and jars on any powder filling, liquid filling or tablet bottle packing lines. Bottle unscrambler table can be used with any machine for collection or feeding of products & used to change the total line direction for “L” shape or “U” shape movement.

Different turntables have their unique features and functionality like some may have direction as clockwise while other as anti-clockwise. Our Turntables are been manufactured for domestic and international markets using quality components & technology that meets the needs of our clients.

SED plastic bottle unscrambler turntable is available in various diameter range from 600 to 1200 mm as customers requirement. The bottle unscrambler turntable can be assembled with capsule counting machine, capping machine and other machines into a bottling counting line

Operation of SED-600ZP Industrial Plastic Bottle Unscrambler Turntable

Load container on turn table manually or automatically will rotate on disc of turntables. During rotation of turntable, the container will be guided by a SS strip towards outlet path. 

Application of SED-600ZP Industrial Plastic Bottle Unscrambler Turntable

SED industrial bottle unscrambler turntable is sutable for round plastic bottles, vials, and jars for these industries.

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Distilleries & Breweries

  • Cosmetics & Toiletries

  • Lube & Edible Oil

  • Pesticides

  • Food & Ancillaries

industrial bottle unscrambler

Features of SED-600ZP Industrial Plastic Bottle Unscrambler Turntable

  • Economic and practical, cost-effective.

  • All exposed parts of s. s. or aluminium to avoid any rusting.

  • Modular combination, easy to transport and maintain.

  • Reliable operation, low noise and safety.

  • Adjustable legs, wide application scope.

  • Surface electrostatic spray, beautiful appearance.

  • Adjustable convey speed.

  • Large load capability.

  • Lightweight design, fast installation.

industrial bottle unscrambler



Applicable Object

Plastic Round Bottle

Power Supply




Overall Dimension



20-80 bottle/min

Net Weight


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