SED-16S Fully Automatic Capsule Counting Machine for Tablet

16S tablet capsule counting machine is a 16-channel counting machine, that is to say, there are 16 vibrating "v"-shaped grooves on the vibrating plate of the worktable, which can work at the same time.

SED-16S Fully Automatic Capsule Counting Machine for Tablet

Description of  SED-16S Fully Automatic Capsule Counting Machine for Tablet

SED-16S Automatic Tablet Capsule Counting Machine uses the principle of photoelectric to count, divide bottles and transport the drug particles, and can monitor and set all the running data in real time. 16s counting machine for tablet has two feed openings, the feeding speed is quicker than that of 8s capsule counting machine.

Applications of  SED-16S Fully Automatic Capsule Counting Machine for Tablet

SED-16S capsule counting machine is mainly used in medicine, industry, chemical Industry and food industry. SED-16S automatic tablet counter is widely used in counting and bottling of solid preparations, such as pills, sugar-coated tablets, plain tablets, soft and hard capsules and other shaped tablets. Suitable for 10-500ml round, square shaped plastic bottles.

The machine not only can be used independently, but also with the automatic bottle unscrambler machine, desiccant inserter machine, bottle capping machine, sealing and labeling machine and other supporting equipment to form an interactive production line.

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Features of  SED-16S Fully Automatic Capsule Counting Machine for Tablet

  • Widely applicable, used for tablets (including special shaped tablets), capsules, gels (including special shaped gels, transparent gels and opaque gels) pills and most solid granules.

  • Patent: Bottle separation and switching device, will not damage the pills.

  • Anti-dust, equipped anti-dust sensor technology. Highly stable in heavy dusty situation, works with accuracy.

  • Proprietary right technology for anti-disturbance: The counting signal will be deal in special advanced way, and communicate with the control system in high-speed and avoid any kind of disturbance.

  • Patent: Half vibration-filling hopper, to avoid pills from getting jammed. Especially for the smaller mouth bottle conditions.

  • Separating device works in abnormal situation, the bottles will be rejected automatically.

  • The feed-in and feed-out conveying system shall be integrated with the filler  equipment. The empty bottle positioning, bottle missing can be checked out for   filling correctly.

  • Touch screen: Dual version Chinese & English, can store multi-group set of parameters; multi-level password management system, to protect the data.

  • Easy to Maintain, operators can operate with simple training, easy to remove, clean, change parts, and no need of professional tools.

  • Sealing dust proof, with dust-remove box, reduce dust pollution.(Optional).

counting machine for tablet

counting machine for tablet



Rate of Production

10-100 bottles / Min

Single Bottling Capacity

2-9999 granulation

Common Type

Pills, tablets, soft and hard capsules and other solid tablets

Pharmaceutical Specifications

φ3-φ20 mm solid granule, 0-5 # capsule, soft capsule, other solid granule

Bottle Diameter


Bottle Height


Power Supply


Air Pressure, Consumption




External Size  


Machine Weight

About 550Kg

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