Capsule Tablet Counting Bottling Machine

SED-6BS Electronic Small Semi Automatic Tablet Counting Machine

6BS pill counting machine is a 6-channel counting machine, which is suitable for tablet and capsule counting for small scale production in hospital, pharmaceutical factory,food factory, lab etc.

SED-6BS  Electronic Small Semi Automatic Tablet Counting Machine

Description of SED-6BS Semi Automatic Capsule Counting Machine

This electronic tablet counter is widely used for pharmacy, hospital, food industry, which need to count bottle, bag of capsules, troches, grains, pills. 

Application of SED-6BS Semi Automatic CapsuleCounting Machine

SED-6S semi automatic tablet and capsule counting machine is suitable for capsules, tablets, soft gel capsules, and pills. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical, herbal, food and chemical industries.

Tablet counting filling machine not only can be used independently, but also with the automatic bottle unscrambler machine, cotton inserter machine, bottle capping machine, sealing and labeling machine and other supporting equipment to form an bottling production line.

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Features of SED-6BS Semi Automatic Capsule Counting Machine

  • HD Touch Screen: Set various parameters according to customer needs.

  • Adjusting Device: The flow baffle is fixed with double nuts, and can be adjusted in real time according to the size and output of different materials.

  • Feeding Device: The material contact part is made of 316 material, and the wave plate is equipped with a vibrator, which can effectively separate materials of different particle sizes and viscous candies.

  • Photoelectric System: Built-in high dust resistance electronic counting element, long service life, accuracy rate up to 99.9%.

  • Protection Device: The upper and lower sealing design can ensure that the surface of the material will not be damaged during the falling process.

  • Positioning System: V-shaped positioner, which can be adjusted back and forth according to the diameter of the bottle.

  • Separation Channel: According to the parameter setting, the particles are automatically separated left and right to improve the bottling efficiency.

Features of semi automatic tablet counting machine

Working Principle of SED-6BS  Electronic Small Semi Automatic Tablet Counting Machine

Manually place the empty bottle at the bottling position of semi automatic tablet counting machine. The medicine enters the medicine warehouse in an orderly manner through the vibration of the feeding corrugated board. The warehouse is equipped with a counting photoelectric sensor. The medicines falling into the warehouse are quantitatively counted by the photoelectric counting sensor and then packed into the bottle. The filled bottles are manually removed, and new empty bottles are put on for filling.



Rate of Production

10-40 bottles / min

Single Bottling Capacity

2-9999 granulation

Common Type

Pills, tablets, soft and hard capsules and other solid tablets

Pharmaceutical Specifications

φ3-φ20 mm solid granule, 0-5 # capsule, soft capsule, other solid granule

Bottle Diameter


Bottle Height


Power Supply




External Size  


Machine Weight

About 60kg

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