Automatic Condom Sealing Packing Machine

This aluminium foil sealing packing machine is used for packing, sealng, and cuting condom bags with features of lower noise, easier adjustment, longer lifespan for usage after structure innovation and so on.

Automatic Condom Sealing Packing Machine

Introduction of Automatic Condom Packing Machine

The automatic condom packing machine automatically put the condom in the designated position on the material mould, pull out a certain length according to the length of the bag and stop. Then the mould closes the long heat sealing edge, pulls the condom into the packaging bag, closes the short heat sealing edge of the mould, and cut by knife at the same time,then the cycle starts again, and then proceeds to the next action.

Applications of Condom Packing Machine

applications of condom packing machine.jpg

Features of Automatic Condom Packing Machine

  • International brands imported transmission clutch parts,stable work,run less noise,high work efficiency.

  • Product packaging sealing embossing:Can be customized by the customer’s requirement

  • Material size:30*70mm,55*55mm,58*58mm,or any size within the scope.

  • This condom manufacturing machine suits for different material BO film, packaging composite membrane (double layers,three layers or aluminum film)

Model No.


Feeding Type

Auto Feeding

Sealing Type

Four side sealing

Suitable Material

Aluminum Film

Bag Size


Machine Dimension


Power Supply

380V 50HZ Three Phase
(Can be made as client’s requirement)





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