Alu-Alu Strip Blister Packaging Machine

Alu alu blister packaging machine is designed to pack solid products in strips pocket for better preservation. Learn more about our Alu Alu Blister Packaging Machine.

Alu-Alu Strip Blister Packaging Machine

Introduction of Alu-Alu Blister Packaging Machine

The SED-RP series alu alu blister packaging machine is designed to pack solid products in strips pocket for better preservation.

Products are sealed within pockets formed by two moving film, sealing the pockets by two sealing rollers to prolong the shelf life of products.

Alu alu strips packing machine feeds capsules or tablet in-between two aluminum foils then sealing, slitting, cutting and finally the finished products.

Working Process of Alu Alu Blister Packaging Machine

1. Vibrator: which transfer products through feeding tubes to the feeding device.

2. Feeding Device: the feeding device transfer products into pocket of sealing roller.

3. Sealing Roller: two tempered sealing roller seal two aluminum film.

4. Horizontal Perforation: horizontal perforation line on sealed aluminum film.

5. Vertical Perforation: vertical perforation line on sealed aluminum film.

6. Slitting: split sealed aluminum film in row.

7. Drag Roller: tense the strip, makes sure the sealing and cutting is perfect.

8. Cutter: according to required no. cut slit aluminum strip

9. Feeding Reject System (Option): check and reject miss feeding strip.

10. Products: perfectly packed product.

Applications of Alu-Alu Blister Packaging Machine

For packaging in a variety of shapes such as capsules, tablets, pills, candies and so on

The rapid pack alu alu machine is widely used in pharmacy, biotechnology, health supplements, nutritional supplements, natural food etc,.   

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Features of Alu-Alu Blister Packaging Machine

  • One PLC user interface for all components

  • User friendly design, easy to operate

  • Automatic feeding, sealing, perforation ,slitting and cutting can be achieved automatically in one process

  • It conforms to "GMP" standards

  • High efficiency, cost saving and labor saving

  • Stainless steel main frame. Easy to clean and maintain

  • Compact and constructed simply, low noise

  • Convenient to exchange all the parts

  • This machine can be used in any heat seal material

  • All in one package thermo forming & cold forming (suitable for material like Alu-Alu/PVC/PVDC/ACLAR etc.,)

Advantages of Blister Packaging

  • Reduced cost and higher packaging speed compared with other packaging materials

  • Blister packaging helps retain product integrity because drugs that are prepackaged in blisters are shielded from adverse conditions

  • Minimal product contamination opportunity

  • Each pack is identified by product name, lot number, and expiration date

Alu-Alu Strip Blister Packaging Machine
Parameters Unit Model
Speed of Drum rpm 7-15 7-15 4-8 5-11
Max. Packing Width mm 165 260 320 400
PVC for Medicine mm 0.15-0.1×160 0.05-0.1×260 0.05-0.1x320 0.05-0.1x400
AL/PL Complex Film mm 0.08×160 0.08×260 0.08×320 0.08×440
Hole Die of Reel mm 40-45 40-45 / /
Electrothermal Power kw 2 2 3.2 3.2
Main Motor kw 0.55 1.55 2.35 1.55
Air Pressure Mpa 0.4 0.4 / /
Air Supply m³/min ≥0.1 ≥0.1 / /
Overall Dimensions mm 1450×600×1670 1800×900×1850 1498x1122x2086 1800x1100x2100
Weight kg 600 850 1100 1000
Power Supply V,   Hz 380V50Hz

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