Tropical Blister Packaging Machine Pharmaceutical

The tropical blister packaging machine is suitable for blister packing with Aluminum-Plastic, Aluminum-Aluminum and Aluminum-Plastic-Aluminum.

Tropical Blister Packaging Machine Pharmaceutical

Introduction of Tropical Blister Packaging Machine

The tropical blister packing machine for medicine is assembled with three parts and can be packed and transported separately, suitable for blister packing with aluminum-plastic, aluminum-aluminum and aluminum-plastic-aluminum.


Under control of PLC, the machine can complete separately all procedures including warm-up, blister forming, automatic feeding, heat sealing and synchronous adjustment of Aluminum-Plastic strip, empty-detecting, hard Aluminum forming, second heat sealing, batch number printing, blanking and scrap-collecting, etc.


Tropical Aluminum Blister Packing Machine adopts forming and sealing process of tropical aluminum, to improve the way of sealing, moisture proof, and light avoiding.

Why Choose Aluminum Foil?

Aluminum foil has a wide range of applications, especially in drug packing because of its advantages of non-toxic, high blackout, oxygen resistance and moisture resistance. With the progress of technology, in addition to the traditional tropical blister packing machine aluminum foil, aluminum foil is also combined with various plastics and paper materials as pharmaceutical packing materials, such as children's safety Blister aluminum foil, cold stamping aluminum foil, tropical blister packing aluminum foil suppository powder composite film, etc.

Application of Tropical Blister Packaging Machine

The tropical pharmaceutical packaging machine is suitable for packing all kinds of products in pharma, healthcare, cosmetic industries and so on.

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Features of Tropical Blister Packaging Machine

  • The material is fed automatically. The mould and feeding equipment can be customized as user’s requirements

  • Adopt photoelectric empty-detecting equipment and waster-eliminating equipment

  • The heating moulds will automatically separate when the machine stops, which contributes to protect the material between them and extend the machine’s life

  • Simple to operate and change size

  • Full stainless exterior pharmaceutical packaging machine

  • Packaging Materials - PVC, PTP, PET

  • PVC/Alu, Alu/Alu and Tropical Blisters with high output

  • Gives high output/cost ratio

  • Can be equipped with servo motor and eye mark register device

  • Optional configurations include camera inspection and rejection device, mechanical hand structure with suck heads, automatic vibration guide rail feeder, etc

Tropical Blister Packaging Machine Pharmaceutical
Parameters Unit Model
Blanking   Frequency Punches/min 5-6 3-4 2
Max. Forming Area and Depth PVC mm 320x170x25 250x160x25 160x150x25
Tropicalized Aluminum 320x170x15 250x160x15 160x150x15
Adjustable Pulling Length mm 10-170 10-160 10-150
Blister Plate Size / Design according to customers' requirements
Power Supply V,   Hz 380V50Hz
Packing Material PVC mm (0.15-0.4)x110x(φ300) (0.15-0.6)x160x(φ350) (0.15-0.4)x260x(φ400)
PTP mm (0.02-0.15)x110x(φ250) (0.02-0.15)x160x(φ350) (0.02-0.15)x260x(φ400)
PET mm (50-100)g/㎡x110x(φ300) (50-100)g/㎡x160x(φ350) (50-100)g/㎡x260x(φ400)
Air Compressor m³/min ≥0.45 ≥0.38 ≥0.36
Total Power kw 12 10 9
Weight kg 2200 1500 1200
Overall Dimensions mm 4800x718x1500
4380x650x1530 3800x680x1400

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