SED-ZM Series Table Top Bottle Vacuum Pulsating Autoclave for Beauty Salon

This series of pulsating vacuum sterilizers utilizes saturated steam as a sterilizing medium. When saturated steam condenses, it releases a large amount of latent heat physical properties, so that the items to be sterilized are in a state of high temperature and humidity, and after a period of heat preservation, sterilization is achieved.

SED-ZM Series Table Top Bottle Vacuum Pulsating Autoclave for Beauty Salon

Feature of Vacuum Pulsating Autoclave

  1. Horizontal rectangular double-layer structure, the inner tank uses S30408.

  2. The door sealing method is pneumatically sealed, and the double door interlock fully meets the requirements of the specification.

  3. The vacuum autoclave has a standard GMP authentication interface

  4. Sterilizer piping system: The most favorable configuration of the pipeline design industry, the main accessories are imported and domestic quality brands.

  5. Sterilizer control system: Siemens PLC + Siemens touch screen

  6. The F0 value and the temperature time ensure the sterilization effect, and can also be controlled by a single parameter, and have a complete sterilization record.

Application of Medical Sterilization Machine

Applications of autoclave sterilizer.jpg

design pressure 0.245MPa Work pressure 0.225MPa
set temperature 139ºC Operating temperature 105-134ºC
Vacuum degree -0.09MPa Temperature uniformity ≤±1ºC
Water source pressure 0.15-0.3MPa Compressed air pressure 0.3-0.7MPa
steam pressure 0.3-0.7Mpa power supply Three-phase five-wire system AC380V.50HZ

Model Dimensions
Interior size
Steam consumption (KG) Water consumption (KG) Power supply
Net weigh (KG)
SED-0.25ZM 1100×1350×1900 800×600×600 18KG 35KG 2+24KW 900KG
SED-0.36ZM 1300×1350×1900 1000×600×600 25KG 40KG 2+24KW 1000KG
SED-0.6ZM 1500×1360×1950 1200×610×910 30KG 45KG 3+36KW 1400KG
SED-0.8ZM 1800×1360×1950 1500×610×910 40KG 50KG 3KW 1600KG
SED-1.2ZM 1750×1440×1950 1450×680×1180 48KG 55KG 4KW 1800KG
SED-1.5ZM 2150×1440×1950 1850×680×1180 55KG 60KG 4KW 2000KG
SED-2.0ZM 1950×1750×2200 1600×900×1400 65KG 65KG 4.5KW 2500KG
SED-2.5ZM 2300×1750×2200 1950×900×1400 75KG 75KG 6KW 3000KG
SED-3.0ZM 2700×1750×2200 2400×900×1400 90KG 90KG 8KW 3500KG

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