SED-SY Series Water Bath Autoclave Machine for Hospital

Rotary type water bath autoclave sterilizer is designed and manufactured by Japanese technology, Smooth rotation and with the characteristics of automatic positioning.

SED-SY Series Water Bath Autoclave Machine for Hospital

Autoclave machine is mainly served in sterilizing and rapid cooling for suspension, emuilsion, easy deposition or thermal chemical medical solution, oral liquid and foodstuff.


Feature of Automatic Sterilization Equipment

The water-bath autoclave machine is strictly designed and manufactured according to GMP Standard. The product uses high-temperature circulated water as sterilizing medium to sterilize materials by the process of rising temperature, sterilizing and cooling operation with spray water. During the sealed working process, the sterilizing medium operates in the sealed circular system to avoid the second pollution effectively. The equipment is with wide temperature adjust scope, and good homoiothermy.

Applcations of Industrial Autoclave

The autoclaves are successfully used in research as laboratory autoclaves as well as in production as industrial autoclaves (in the pharmaceutical industry or the food industry).

Such as clinical/surgical serilization; hormone replacement therapy; laboratory sterilization; nail salon& beauty sterilization; tattoo/body art sterilization

It is widely used in sterilizing operation of glass bottle packaging, plastic bag packaging, soft bag packaging and other packaging of  transfusion liquid.

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      Model                                                                                                           Specifications
Overall Dimensions        (L×W×Hmm) Overall Dimensions       (L×W×Hmm)        Steam Consumption         (kg/h) Cooling Water Cosumpion (t/ time) Deionized Water Cosumpion (t/ time) Compressed Air Cosumpion (m3/ time) Power Supply (V/kw) N.W. (t/ set)
SED-1.2II(P) 1915×1572×1930 1500×750×1050 100 2 0.2 3 380/2.2 3.3
SED-7.2II(P) 5020×3050×2600 4482×1150×1400 500 15 0.75 12 380/18.5 8
SED-10(S) 4938×3950×2800 4300×1400×1650 800 25.5 1.25 18 380/20 11
SED-12.5(S) 6038×3950×2850 5400×1400×1650 850 25.5 1.25 20 380/20 14.5
SED-18.7II 8900×3744×2850 8100×1400×1650 1400 12.5 6.25 18 380/31 24

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